Psalter Digital develops high quality software for clients who want to build new products, reach more customers or get better at collecting and managing data.

Our services

Mobile development

IT Consultancy & Project Delivery

Clear technical advice, software requirements analysis and results-focused project management.

Strategy & solution design

Software Development

Beautifully designed, high performance software that works on desktops, tablets & mobile.

Data analytics & reporting

Data & Analytics

Fast, streamlined reporting solutions that make it easier to analyse and share data.

Find out more about how Psalter Digital can turn your ideas into great new software.

More About Our Services

Better Technology Choices

The right technology matters - you want value for money, maximum flexibility and software that is both extensible and future-proofed.

  1. Our developers are multi-skilled and they understand the wider technology landscape.
  2. We talk to you about your long-term goals and we choose the technology stack that is the best fit with your requirements, not because it's the only technology we know.
  3. The end result is great software that will more than meet your objectives - easy to use, low maintenance costs and built to last.

The Psalter Digital Approach

Our approach is people-focused and built around communication - clear, jargon free conversations with you and your users.

  1. An emphasis on prototyping and wireframing - particularly in the early stages of the development when we're unpicking requirements.
  2. Agile development within a managed budget - you get opportunites to refine the solution as we develop it. The end result is a more refined solution that is easier to use and is a better fit with your requirements.

Software consultancy for SkillsLogic Software consultancy for The Skills Network Software consultancy for Tribal Education Software consultancy for The University of Sheffield